Concur met en scène sa vision du voyage d’affaires

Paris, September 17, 2012 - To illustrate his vision of the perfect business trip, facilitated by mobile technologies, Concur (Nasdaq: CNQR), the world leader in solutions for costs and business travel management has made ​​a film broadcast on You tube created a page and Facebook in order to build a community of travelers that will reinvent the business with Concur.

The opportunities offered by mobile technologies and the revolution of the cloud, opens new perspectives in all areas, including that of business. Mobile technologies, which are already at the heart of the solutions developed by Concur, are an opportunity to reinvent the business trip and so much more simplify the mobility of travelers. Reinvent the business will maximize the experience of the employee on the go, facilitating choices and alternatives, with maximum efficiency.

In his latest film, Concur portrays a young executive "techno mobile" which is given a "mission impossible". With its smartphone and use of the most advanced mobile applications, it quickly overcomes, easy and stress free all the typical vagaries of a business, transforming its mission successfully as a Business Travel Hero. Smartphone, a real "travel companion" ensures to always have an edge which allows it to save time at every stage of his journey and so to arrive in the best conditions to his appointment, successful presentation and sign his contract.

The "traveling companion" knows the various loyalty programs, travel preferences (seat, meals, hotel rooms, cars, restaurants, leisure activities ....). It suggests alternatives when a flight is delayed, canceled, when traffic is disrupted. It alerts the advance of the reserved taxi. It also allows you to record and confirm their flight through a simple access to the cloud and not to pay his taxi SMS. The Concur Travel Companion allows recording his arrival at the hotel and his room select few clicks, to open the door of her room or even recover his rental car with his smartphone .... This same fellow traveler automatically subjects in real time all the expenses realized in expense report, which saves considerable time to the business traveler and avoids him the famous Calvary of the expense report.

With this vision of the future of business, no more frustration, lost time, papers in his pockets, lost invoices, the queues, the hours doing expense reports. While many of these features already exist in its web and mobile solutions, Concur wants to go further and use its technological innovation capabilities to reinvent the business and facilitate benefit the lives of many professionals who move.

Concur has always placed innovation at the service of business efficiency and business travelers in the heart of its strategy. This is what makes today Concur is the world leader in the field of web and mobile solutions for managing travel and business expenses, with more than 15 million travelers who use its solutions in more than 100 countries.

Mobile technologies and cloud offer tremendous opportunities to reinvent the business. For Concur, travelers are most concerned and join this dynamic will make this relevant developments. That's why Concur has created a Facebook page to gather a community of travelers who feel concerned, for everyone to exchange and share ideas and experiences. To see the video:

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