CONCUR intègre la solution novatrice d’eProcument hôtelier d’iAlbatros

Paris, April 1, 2014.  CONCUR (Nasdaq: CNQR), a leading expense management solutions and business travel , today announced its partnership with the Hotel Booking Aggregator (HBA) iAlbatros . The connection between iAlbatros and online booking solution CONCUR Travel is available now. This partnership complements the connections to the hotel distribution source existing on CONCUR Travel, enriching the opportunities available to its end customers: companies and business travelers. 

iAlbatros, is an innovative solution eProcument hotel. It aggregates inventory consists of direct connections from multiple hotel with one hand, and connections with 25 hotel distribution source such as Expedia, other.

Through this additional connection between iAlbatros and CONCUR: 
- the buyer or the Travel Manager has this additional inventory that will integrate with its travel policy
- the traveler who books his journey on Concur Travel, is actually connected between Other sources of content travels, with all of the iAlbatros content.

"We are delighted to partner with CONCUR. As a market leader, CONCUR is a major player on the European market, it is a major strategic partnership to iAlbatros "said Moncef Khanfir co-founder and CEO of iAlbatros.

"Whether it is descriptive, selected photos, the cancellation terms of translations, iAlbatros seriously invests in the quality of the locations of the content. For us this was A widget decisive since ultimately it is the traveler who enjoys a more fluid and flexible experience, "said Eoin Landers, Director of Partnerships Concur France. 

"On a single interface, you will find yourself actually connected with hundreds of thousands of hotels! The integration is the result of joint work of our teams and this requires different expertise. But for the traveler, it's just incredibly simple and efficient! And it is that the objectives of our partnership! "Said Pierre-Emmanuel Tetaz, Managing Director, Concur.

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